Drop WhatsApp! Learn how to use Telegram (Part 7)

Gradually, Telegram has been gaining supporters. This platform stands out for offering the best security mechanisms and in terms of functioning it is similar to the platforms. To get to know Telegram better, we will leave you with some usage tips over the next few weeks.

Did you know that Telegram has already surpassed 400 million users? Today we’re going to teach you how to create a channel.

Drop WhatsApp!  Learn how to use Telegram (Part 7)

Have you ever thought about having a channel, public or even private, where you could write to thousands of people? Telegram allows you to do this. Channels are a tool for the public transmission of messages to large audiences. In fact, channels on Telegram can have an unlimited number of subscribers. When you post something on a channel, the message is signed with the name of the channel and not yours.

Channel management can be done with multiple administrators. Those who sign up for the first time always have access to the channel’s message history.

How to create a channel on Telegram?

Creating a channel on Telegram is very simple. To do this, just go to Chats and press the button to start a new one. In the options presented you must choose New Channel. Then what is a channel is indicated. Moving forward should indicate the Channel name is Brief Description.

During the creation process, you must choose whether you want the channel is Public or Private. In the case of public channels, groups can be found and anyone can join. Regarding private channels, it is necessary to have the access link.

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The creator of a channel can transmit messages, delete any message, add subscribers (only the first 200), remove subscribers, change the channel name, profile image and link, as well as delete the channel completely. If a message is deleted from a channel, it will disappear for all subscribers to the channel. To start the group you must choose some contacts.

Each post published on a channel has a view counter. Views of forwarded messages are also included in the total counter, so you can easily know the impact of the post.

That’s it for today! Be aware of the next tutorials, as this tool has many features to discover, many of which do not even exist on other platforms. In fact, this communications platform has served as inspiration for many other platforms. Discover other features in the links provided below.

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