Drop WhatsApp! Learn how to use Telegram (Part 8)

Gradually, Telegram has been gaining supporters. This platform stands out for offering the best security mechanisms and in terms of operation it is similar to the platforms. To get to know Telegram better, we will leave you with some usage tips over the next few weeks.

In the last tutorial we taught you how to create a channel! Today we will see what the functionalities are at the Data and Storage level.

Drop WhatsApp!  Learn how to use Telegram (Part 8)

Sometimes our smartphones start to lack space. This is because applications such as WhatsApp and even Telegram “fatten up” because of the content they send us. Like other chat tools, it is possible to delete conversations that normally also have videos, images and other content.

How to delete data on Telegram?

To do this, just go to Definitions > Data and Storage. Within this option we can delete data from contacts, channels or delete everything at once using the option to clear the cache.

Within the interface we can also find out which cache memory is associated with Telegram, how much memory is occupied and how much is free. An interesting option is the fact that it is possible to set a time to keep digital content on the smartphone. The contents can be kept for up to a month or forever.

That’s it for today! Be aware of the next tutorials, as this tool has many features to discover, many of which do not even exist on other platforms. In fact, this communications platform has served as inspiration for many other platforms. Discover other features in the links provided below.

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