DualSense 5: PS5 controller will not work only with the new console

There are only a few weeks left to launch PlayStation 5 worldwide. The new console from Sony brings several new features, including a new controller called DualSense 5.

Anticipating the launch of the new Sony console, Youtuber Austin Evans has already shared on his channel the unboxing of DualSense 5. More than taking the controller out of the box, he did some preliminary tests of the controller that reveal interesting details.

DualSense 5 will also work with your Android smartphone

In the DualSense 5 box, it is only stated that the controller will be compatible with PlayStation 5. However, Austin Evans tests reveal that this controller will work on more devices.

One of the surprises is the compatibility of the PS5 controller with Android smartphones. In this case, the author of the video was able to use DualSense 5 in Microsoft xCloud games on his Pixel 5.

Furthermore, it is possible to note that the PlayStation 5 controller works with a Windows PC, in this case the Surface Laptop Go or even receives power from its rival Xbox Series X.

When connected by cable to a PlayStation 4 Pro, we see that the console recognizes the sounds collected by the microphone built into the controller. If connected wirelessly to the same console, the latter recognizes DualSense 5, although it is not possible to do much with it.

PlayStation 5 arrives in Portugal on November 19

Where it will be possible to take full advantage of the news of DualSense 5 will be on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Sony’s new generation consoles are about to hit our stores and the anxiety is growing.

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The normal version of the console will cost € 499, while its digital version will cost € 399. Until you receive a copy of these consoles, enjoy the video at the top to get to know some of the features of DualSense 5.

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