Eau de House perfume makes use of previous NASA recipe to odor like the cosmos

Have you ever wondered what space smells like? Astronauts who have been there described that it is as opposed to just about anything you’d have seasoned on Earth…that is till NASA replicated the scent working with a mystery recipe. A new Kickstarter marketing campaign seeks funding for what it claims is a commercialized model of that scent recipe obtained, in section, working with various Liberty of Information Act requests.

The Eau de Room perfume scent arrives from Omega Substances founder Steve Pearce who created a fragrance recipe for NASA that imitates the scent of place as explained by astronauts. The concept was to create a scent that could help prepare astronauts for their to start with journey into place, reducing any uncomfortable surprises they could face.


In accordance to a discuss CNN had with Pearce, the chemist had been tapped by NASA back in 2008 to recreate the smell of house based on descriptions from astronauts who have been there. The composition is distinctive, acquiring been described as a little bit of fried steak combined with ozone, incredibly hot metallic, a smoking cigarettes gun, rum, and even raspberries.

The new Kickstarter marketing campaign statements to have acquired this fragrance recipe and utilised it to generate a restricted run perfume intended to enable assist STEM education. The course of action associated Flexibility of Information Act requests, as properly as a bunch of energy and luck, according to the staff.

The Kickstarter creators have the distinctive legal rights to launch this perfume, which could not be a superior factor — they don’t prepare to make more following this Kickstarter batch operates out. Eau de House will retail for $49 USD, but is available at a discounted at $29 USD to Kickstarter backers. Shipping and delivery is around the world and predicted to begin in October.

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