Elon Musk called those who underestimate artificial intelligence “fools” and said that it is more dangerous than the nuclear bomb.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk once again “defended” artificial intelligence. And this time he did it with a hard attack: he assured that those who do not believe that a computer can overcome people’s intelligence are “much more foolish than they think”.

“I have been working with AI for a decade,” said Musk. “We should be concerned with where the AI ​​is going. The people I see who are most wrong about the AI they are the ones that are very smart because they can’t imagine that a computer can be much smarter than them. That is the flaw in his logic. They are dumber than you think, “he shot.

The point is that Musk himself asked for AI regulations which, he explained, represent “a much greater threat to humanity than nuclear weapons

“I think the danger from AI is far greater than the danger from nuclear warheads,” Musk had said in 2018. “No one would suggest that we allow the world to build nuclear warheads if they wanted to, that would be crazy,” he had insisted.

In February of this year, in fact, Musk said that Tesla itself should be regulated in terms of its AI functions.

OpenAI in the spotlight

OpenAI is the organization founded in 2015 by Musk for development of artificial intelligence (AI).

At the time of its founding in 2015, Musk had postulated that the group came up with the idea for OpenAI. as an alternative to “sit on the sidelines” or “encourage regulatory oversight.”

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Then in 2017 he explained that he believed it was due establish a regulation for the development of AI, first preceded by the formation of some type of supervisory agency to study and obtain information about the industry before proposing any rule.

Tesla, one of Musk's leading companies and bets.  (AP)

Tesla, one of Musk’s leading companies and bets. (AP)

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Initially, OpenAI was formed as a $ 1 billion-backed nonprofit organization, with the goal of conducting open investigation into advanced AI to ensure that it was sought. “a benefit to society

This, instead of leaving its development in the hands of a handful of technology companies that do aim to make a profit. In the middle, things changed, including a one billion dollar investment by Microsoft, which has already started to generate noise inside OpenAI.

Thus, Musk’s statements this week finish crowning suspicions that he is already away from this organization.

“OpenAI is a research laboratory based in San Francisco, California. Our mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity. The OpenAI Charter describes the principles that guide us as we execute our mission, “they explain on their page.

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“OpenAI’s mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence (AGI), by which we mean highly autonomous systems that outperform humans in the most economically valuable work, benefits all of humanity,” the description continues.

The company was founded by Musk along with other scholars on the subject: Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskever, Greg Brockman, Wojciech Zaremba and John Schulman.


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