Embraer / EPD electric plane to fly in 2021

Credit: Embraer / Reproduction

This Friday (20), Embraer and EDP Brasil announced a partnership to research electric aircraft, which uses the Ipanema 203 as a test platform (Credit: Embraer / Reproduction)

This Friday (20), Embraer and EDP Brasil announced a partnership for research on electric aircraft, with the company in the energy sector making a contribution for the acquisition of the technology solution for energy storage and recharging of the aircraft demonstrating technology 100% electric propulsion. The prototype, which uses an EMB-203 Ipanema as a testing platform, is already in development and has its first flight scheduled for 2021.

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The partnership between the companies will allow investigating the applicability of high voltage batteries to the electric propulsion system of a small aircraft, in addition to assessing its main operating characteristics, such as weight, efficiency and power quality, thermal control and management , loading, unloading and operational safety cycling.

According to the aircraft manufacturer, this agreement is a continuation of the aeronautical electrification project started in May 2019, when Embraer entered into cooperation with Weg. In the partnership signed with EDP, the scope is research on the storage of high voltage energy, complementing the studies that are already underway at Embraer.

Research and development partnerships seek to accelerate the knowledge of the technologies necessary for the use and integration of batteries and electric motors in order to increase the energy efficiency of aircraft propulsion systems.

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“The history of making strategic partnerships through agile cooperation mechanisms makes Embraer one of the Brazilian companies that most stimulates global knowledge networks that allow a significant increase in the country’s competitiveness”, says Luís Carlos Affonso, vice president of engineering and corporate strategy.

“The partnership with Embraer in the development of its first aircraft demonstrating 100% electric propulsion technology represents a new frontier for our investment in electric mobility, contributing to position Brazil as a leading player in this market”, says Miguel Setas, president of EDP in Brazil.

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