Enable and use the Google keyboard clipboard for Android

The Google keyboard for Android has many features that go beyond its basic use. It gives the user much more than expected and, therefore, it is for most the choice for this system and for smartphones.

One of the most interesting is its clipboard, which can be managed in a simple way and, mainly, with a lot of detail. This is the area where all the text you need to place repeatedly can be saved and used.

Google Android clipboard keyboard

Although not something new, the Google keyboard clipboard for Android is very important. This proposal has been improved over time and today many do not know all its capabilities.

Activate the clipboard for this keyboard

To activate it you just need to open the Google keyboard in any text area. Here you will see an area without any icon on top of the keyboard, with only an arrow to the right present. You must click here to see the options.

The clipboard icon is obvious and must be loaded to be accessed. If it is not already active, they must press the present switch and immediately it is ready to be used on Android.

Configure GBoard to be used better on Android

This keyboard has the particularity of not saving what is copied by the user indefinitely. With a 1-hour retention window, it keeps everything stored there for later use.

Even so, there is the possibility of storing pieces of text permanently. You just need to click on the present pencil and you can manage the snipets that they want to keep or permanently delete. Thus, this management is simple and global.

How to use what they store on this Google keyboard

Now that it’s set up, they can use the keyboard and the clipboard in the normal way. The copy of the text is done as it was always done on Android, selecting the words and choosing this option.

Whenever you want to paste a piece of text that you have copied before, you just need to access this area of ​​the keyboard. When clicking on the desired text, a menu will be shown where they can choose the option to paste or, alternatively, delete.

This clipboard brings the Google keyboard for Android much more than expected. It gives the user much more and makes it even more useful and with a unique freedom.


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