End of cycle: Microsoft does not extend the validity of Internet Explorer

Microsoft made an important decision: he announced the farewell of Internet explorer, the flagship browser of the firm and the most used worldwide until it was dethroned by Google Chroome. The system will stop having support after August 17, 2021.

For a while now Internet explorer (IE) is no longer pre-installed in newer versions of Windows as Microsoft works with “Edge”, a kind of evolution of the IE, which brings improvements in development.

For that reason, Bill Gates’s company announced that exactly one year from now Internet explorer as the old version of Edge Legacy (the one that is not based on Chromium) will not be compatible with the applications and ecosystem services Microsoft 365.

Prior to that, in November of this year, the last update of Internet explorer, that is to say, the 11th, which was launched in 2013, no longer be compatible with the Microsoft, Teams.

Starting in August 2021, users who continue to use IE will have a “degraded” experience or will not be able to connect to the apps and services of Microsoft 365, as indicated by the company through a statement.

On the other hand, and despite the fact that the Gates firm assured that “they will respect applications developed with IE and old versions of Edge”, they recommended companies and users to migrate to the new version of Edge.

A piece of history is gone

IE It was released on August 16, 1995, under the Windows 95 environment. At that time, it was an add-on that could be additionally installed in the operating system.

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Of the many versions that were made, the most popular and remembered is 6.0, which was integrated into Windows XP (2001) but had serious security problems.

Actually Google Chrome It is the most used browser in the world: 68.81% of users use it, the second is Firefox with 7.83% and Edge is third with 7.04%.

Source: Clarn.

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