Epic Games is giving away three games for free this week

Epic Games has been quite successful with its virtual game store, and the company even has plans to launch this same type of service on cell phones with Android and iOS systems. In turn, in order to win over more users and please its customers, the platform is offering some free titles, which change periodically.

This week, instead of giving just one or two free titles as usual, the company decided to grant three titles to its users, namely: Killing Floor 2, Lifeless Planet and The Escapists 2. Next, check out how to do it download these games without paying anything on the PC.


These three titles were made available for free yesterday (9) at noon on the platform and can be obtained so until the July 16th. Here, it’s worth remembering, since these games are added to your library, you can play them forever.

How to add free Epic Games titles to your library

The process for obtaining any of these 3 free games through Epic Games is quite simple, as it is necessary to have the store’s client installed on the computer to download and play them, as shown below. Check out:

1. Access the Epic Games website normally in the browser of your choice;

2. On the loaded page, locate the “Free Games” section and choose the desired title;


3. On the game page, click on “Get”, which is right next to your description;

4. Log in with your Epic Games account or, if necessary, create a new one;

5. On the new page, click on “Place Order” or “Place Order”. In some cases, the Epic Games website changes the language used automatically for certain actions;

6. Wait for the message that your order has been confirmed or successfully placed.

How to download free games from Epic Games

Now that you’ve added the free games to your library, the process of downloading and running them is quite simple. Look:

1. Download the Epic Games client through its official website;

2. After installation, open it and login to it;

3. In “Library”, choose the game you want to download.

Ready! Now, you already know how to obtain these three titles that are being awarded for free by Epic Games.

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