Etna wakes up and offers magnificent pictures [PHOTOS]


The highest active volcano in Europe erupted on Thursday, May 30.

Etna woke up on Thursday, throwing pieces of molten lava back into the sky. Even if the cloudy weather on Saturday spoiled the spectacle of the eruption of the volcano located in Sicily in southern Italy, spectators and photographers were there. The National Institute of Geophysics and Vulcanology (INGV) stressed that the volcano was in a process of ” active projection Of molten lava and ash.

The eruption began on Thursday, and although it has declined slightly in intensity, it continues to pose a safety concern for those climbing the flanks of the volcano, which rises to 3,295 meters. Etna’s last eruption occurred in December. This new eruption does not seem to pose a threat to the inhabited areas nearby, nor to the airport of the city of Catania.

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