Everything you can do with your smart TV and you did not know

Therefore, it is time for you to learn how to optimize your Smart TV through the following tips:

  • Video conferencing on a TV screen

For those who need to view presentations or analyze reports remotely via video conference, a larger screen simplifies work by making it easier to view details. A television can become an essential element during remote work, connecting a notebook to the TV with an HDMI cable, or directly mirroring the screen of your cell phone through the SmartThings App, achieving a quick and easy connection.

  • More comfortable reading to protect eyesight

A good initiative to take care of health and prevent headaches due to the number of hours in front of the computer can be the use of the television as a monitor. In this case we can incorporate the keyboard and the mousse to the TV, to gain greater comfort. Once the connection is made, it is recommended to adjust the screen resolution, since in some cases it may be blurred or poorly defined. It can be configured both from the Smart TV (in Settings and then Image) and from the computer (in the section of Screen resolution or Properties, selecting the resolution recommended by the system).

On the other hand, Samsung also offers the possibility of connecting the cell phone, tablet or computer, with the same objective of having a broader and more comfortable view of all documents.

  • Exercise to stay healthy

As much as we can enjoy not having to use transportation when we work or study at home, it is still important to stay active during the day, even if it means turning the living room into a gym. An alternative is to enter YouTube directly from the Smart TV and perform some kind of zumba, dance or gymnastics in a comfortable and easy way.

  • Dive into virtual classes

Lately, many young people are taking virtual college and university classes. In these cases, where many people participate in the same video call, a good idea may also be to connect the computer to the television to have a better view of the class and to listen better to each intervention.

Studying through larger screens can promote concentration as it is a much more immersive experience, as well as allowing access and vision of all the details of the class.

  • Disconnect and relax a little every day

Even heavy media users occasionally find themselves needing to take a break from watching the screens for a bit of peace and quiet. Fortunately, the Ambient Mode of Samsung TVs can help us do just that, as it allows smart TVs to provide a relaxing image like artwork or family photos when turned off.

For those moments when we want to completely disconnect, this function can be programmed to match the color of the wall or the space behind the TV, resulting in a perfect fusion between the screen and the environment. Also, allow music to be played day by day, at the same time that animations or selected images are shown.

  • For home gamers

Finally, for those who prefer to relax with console games, Smart TVs have a configuration that allows you to improve the quality of the display of games automatically. With Real Game Enhacer, additional motion clarity automatically reduces ghosting and motion blur in fast-moving scenes.


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