Facebook fights sharing outdated content with new functionality!

Sometimes Facebook can be an extremely frustrating place, especially since we can’t control what our friends share. Certainly it has already happened to practically all users, to see a news with a very interesting title, who end up discovering that it was written long months ago and their information is no longer relevant.

This is a problem that has grown exponentially, especially since the beginning of the year with the arrival of COVID-19. Nowadays, there is a lot of news shared on social networks that are already seriously out of date and promoting the spread of wrong information about the virus.

Facebook old news

Now, Facebook is implementing a new feature that will alert all users whenever they try to share content older than 3 months.

Facebook wants to exterminate the spread of outdated news

Although they cannot prohibit users from sharing content simply because they are more than 90 days old, Facebook will now display a pop-up notification to alert users. Once this notification is displayed, you will be alerted that the content you are trying to share is already quite old, and then you can continue with the sharing or go back.

However, it is still unclear which are the concrete situations in which this new feature is activated. The notification is expected to be displayed when a user shares a publication found on Facebook, or through the direct publication of an external link.

Increasingly, social networks are working to create tools that protect their users from untrustworthy content, as well as “weapons” to combat users who purposely share inappropriate content.

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For example, Twitter recently started testing a new feature that alerts users before sharing an article they haven’t even read. People often share news and articles with wrong information, simply by their title, without often having actually read their content.

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