Facebook launches the much desired Dark Mode for iOS users

Dark Mode is one of the most requested options today, regardless of the platform in question. This is not only more friendly to your smartphone battery, but also gives the user greater comfort at night.

Facebook is now starting to fulfill the requests of its millions of Apple users. The social network confirmed today that it has started offering Dark Mode in its application designed for iOS.

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This confirmation comes after several iOS users have reported finding this option in their Facebook application. This guarantees that, in the near future, all Apple users will be entitled to the much desired dark mode.

Dark Mode availability will be phased

When announcing the availability of this function, Facebook announces that not everyone will be entitled to Dark Mode at the same time. For now, only a small percentage of users can change the color scheme of their application.

To those who have not yet received it, fear nothing. It will only be a matter of time before they too can browse the largest social network in the world with Dark Mode active.

How to enable Dark Mode on Facebook for iOS

The option that many want can be found in the Settings and privacy section of the app. To get there, just click on the three bars in the bottom right corner of the screen and go almost to the bottom of the page.

Once in that section, you should find the option to enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad. This means it will be an optional feature and you will be able to activate / deactivate it whenever you think it is necessary.

Unlike with Messenger, for example, this dark mode will not make the application interface completely black. Instead, you will have a more grayish color scheme, however, it will continue to be friendly to your eyes especially when the ambient light is scarce.

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