Failure in GTA Online can earn players $ 2 million

Rockstar Games recently released a major update for GTA V, to include new content. Whenever this type of insertion is carried out, its users promptly look for new ways to cheat within the game. This time was no different, as players found a peculiar way to get up to $ 2 million in Online mode.

The origin of the discovery is unknown, but the glitch is already being performed by millions of players around the world. Although the money comes quickly, it is necessary to follow a series of detailed movements so that the player can have access to the amount in question.

First, the player must stop next to a property sale sign, more precisely a house located on “Unit 124 Popular St”. After arriving at the point of purchase, you must open the pause menu, followed by “online mode”, in order to access the “Creator mode”. After following these steps, use your cell phone to contact “Destiny 8” and buy the cheapest properties for slots 6 and 7.


GTA V is one of the most popular games in history, breaking sales records and players year after year. Credits: Flickr

The only problem in getting this amount is the need to have the most expensive office in the game and about six parking spaces. Although it is a confusing and, in a way, expensive process, it is a quick and efficient method for obtaining money.

Rockstar has yet to comment on the problem, but it is certainly already working on a way to extinguish the cheat.

Best selling game of the decade

undeniable that GTA V is one of the most successful games in the history of video games. The title was launched in 2013, causing a great stir and meeting all the expectations of players, journalists and experts. As soon as 2020 arrived, Rockstar released a performance report of its main releases from the past decade.

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It turns out that GTA V was the best-selling game and one of the most played titles in the world, making it present in three different generations. The extraordinary feat is due to the constant maintenance and creation of new content for its users.

Although it is very successful, players already look forward to any news regarding GTA VI, which is still an unknown within the gamer universe. Until the new game arrives, it is possible to take advantage of the new features of the current title.

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