Fall Guys, the most watched video game on Twitch that threatens the reign of Fortnite and League of Legends

They look like Minions. They exclaim, run, jump, push and even throw themselves headlong: everything is to obtain the precious crown behind the finish line. And like life itself, only one can achieve it. This is the recipe of the video game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout which is set to become one of the games of the year. It is SupermatchMade video game.

The title developed by Mediatonic sold more than 2 million copies on Steam (the digital platform for PC games) since Tuesday, August 4, and that’s not counting all the downloads it could have on PlayStation 4, the other platform on which it is available.

The fun and colorful game from the British studio landed on the gamer scene with a Battle Royale that takes the main seasonings of games like Fortnite, PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone, but with its own imprint and that causes an unbridled fury among users

In this crazy “all against all” 60 players must compete to reach the finish line first or score the highest number of points in a series of competitive events. The goal is not to get knocked out while avoiding all kinds of obstacles, hitting, falling, and bouncing.

The nice visual appearance of the game, the tension of his competitive component and his sense of humor has made some of the streamers with more followers, like the Kun Aguero or the famous streamers Spanish Rubius or Ibai, have not hesitated to play it live.

However, its launch was not without some problems caused mainly by the large influx of users. As could be seen just by playing a few games on the day of their launch, the existence of long waits to play or errors that prevented the rewards from synchronizing correctly have clouded the experience for some users.

Another issue that hits its popularity is the number of players that since the game’s exit began to use cheats and exploits to obtain victories without too much effort. Cheaters. In favor of the gaming experience, Mediatonic recently acknowledged that it now has the situation under control.

Now you no longer need to report individual cheaters“They tweeted the game’s Twitter account.” Since we adjusted our detection criteria, we have noticed a huge drop in cheats, getting better! A big thank you to everyone who has played the game fairly, you guys are amazing and we love you. “

The success of Fall Guys on the Internet

A few hours after its premiere, this title registered more than 300 thousand viewers on Twitch, a figure that places it ahead of titans like Fortnite, GTA V or League of Legends.

One of the reasons for this success is that, in addition to its $ 19.99, is available free of charge to users of the PlayStation Plus subscription service for the PlayStation 4 console.

Fall Guys, the Mediatonic studio game, sold 2 million copies in its first few weeks.

Fall Guys, the Mediatonic studio game, sold 2 million copies in its first few weeks.

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In fact, Fall Guys managed to become the best launch in the history of the company. Return Digital, the most renowned independent game distributor in the industry.

Coinciding with this milestone, the American company published some curious statistics, such as the 23 million hours that the game was viewed on Twitch, a platform on which Fall Guys had a peak audience between August 12 and 18 that reached the 523,000 users watching streams of the game.

The clones that reach the phone

But the sales success and popularity it gained from live broadcasts on Twitch saw copies of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout appear in the Android phones and even iPhones.

So far 50 results appear just by searching for Fall Guys in the Google Play store, of which the vast majority are guides, tutorials and tricks with names as original as “Fall Guys ultim Knockoot Guide” (+100,000 downloads and 3.6 stars).

They are mostly games that emulate blatantly the mechanics of Fall Guys or apps with tutorials, guides and tricks. It is a practice that, unfortunately, is more common than it seems.

However, in the App Store you can find “Silly Race”, “Run Royale 3D” and “Knockout Race”, which was released six days ago and even replicates the Fall Guys challenges. All of them, of course, are games monetized with ads.

These copies of games or applications are known as “copycats“That take advantage of the popularity of the original to get downloads organically, either using a similar name, a similar aesthetic or identical mechanics.

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