‘Fallout’ to become Amazon Prime series

Bethesda franchise to be produced by those responsible for ‘Westworld’

Video game franchises are taking over streaming services. After titles like Castlevania, Cuphead and Cyberpunk 2077, now it was the Fallout series’ turn to have a production announced by Amazon.

The Fallout series will be exclusive to Amazon Prime Video and will be produced by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, known as Westworld, by HBO, in production with Bethesda, the studio responsible for the games.

Todd Howard, executive producer at Bethesda, explained the decision to bring Fallout to streaming. “Over the past decade, we looked for many ways to bring Fallout to the screens,” he explained in a post on the company’s website. “But it was clear the moment I talked to Jonah[tan Nolan] and Lisa [Joy] a few years ago, that they and the Kilter team could do better. We are big fans of their work and we couldn’t be more excited about their work and that of Amazon Studios. “

It is not yet clear when the series will be released, nor exactly what its plot will be. Fallout takes place in an alternate timeline in which nuclear wars destroy the United States and the rest of humanity tries to survive more than a century after the disaster.

The franchise is also known for its 1950s-style aesthetics, including music from the era being reproduced by the game’s scenarios – as if humanity had produced no more songs after the nuclear war.

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