“Fearless”. “RTP cannot and should not hide these realities from its adolescent public”, but “cannot, and should not, do so as they appear in the episode” – Actuality

RTP withdrew from RTP Play the episode of the series “Fearless“about the life of Thérèse Clerc broadcast on RTP2 in the Zig Zag space for children and young people.

The decision was motivated by several complaints that were addressed to RTP and also to the Regulatory Entity of the Social Communication. At issue was for the plaintiffs the fact that the episode referring to the life of Thérèse Clerc addresses topics such as the fight for the legalization of abortion and also the exposure of the protagonist’s homosexuality portrayed with a kiss between two women.

The provider of the RTP viewer, Jorge Wemans, addressed to the program director a letter in which he recommended that the episode be removed from RTP Play and that future screenings of the series should choose a time that is more suitable for the young audience. In the letter to SAPO24 had access can be read: “I recommended to those responsible for children’s and youth programming at RTP2 that a) remove the aforementioned episode from RTP Play, b) in a future repetition of the series, choose another time more appropriate for teenagers and do not include that episode. I made this recommendation because the language and the narrative are not suitable for communicating to an adolescent audience the themes to which Thérèse Clerc dedicated her life “.

However, in the same letter, Jorge Wemans departs, however, from criticism of the episode. “I do not follow, however, most of the criticisms made against RTP2. Disseminating the story of a woman who radically changed her life because she had contact with the writings of Karl Marx does not make it a Marxist channel. story of those who fought for the legalization of abortion. Much less can the channel be classified as anti-Catholic because it told the story of a woman who always referred to the environment in her Catholic family as oppressive “.

In the elaborated considerations, Jorge Wemans defends that “the RTP cannot, nor should it hide from its adolescent public” the realities that are approached in the episode, but that “it cannot, nor must, however, do it as they appear treated in that referred episode”.

The Ombudsman’s recommendations are not binding, but it is common practice for management to consider them in order to make a decision.

In statements to the Observer published this afternoon, when the episode in question had not yet been removed, the program director at RTP2, Teresa Paixão assumed the “delicacy of the theme” and that they could have “smoothed and framed these rights better, which are more complex, “but he stressed that there was no part of the station” making an apology for anything, both Catholicism and any other religion. “” It is up to public television to talk about all subjects and all forms of life “, stated.

One of the complaints came from the National Renovator Party, which announced it would present a criminal complaint against RTP this Friday at the Attorney General’s Office.

The series “Destemidas” is a French production by France Télévision and supported by the European Union Media Program that results from the television adaptation of the book ‘Culottées’ (‘Atrevidas’) by Pénélope Bagieu.

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