Fed up with TikTok? Discover alternative apps [Android/iOS]

TikTok has gained a giant proportion in the last year and the quarantine has made many discover talent and share many nonsense and fun scenes on social networks.

But for the more creative who even want to continue making videos, but don’t want to be on TikTok, there are alternatives.

Fed up with TikTok?  Discover alternative apps

Alternatives to TikTok for Android and iOS


One of the most complete suggestions is the Triller. This allows you to create videos from small recorded clips, includes filters to apply in editions, allows you to add music, text, emojis and drawings.

In addition, it has an important collaboration component so you can create with your friends. Then, of course, you can share everything on social networks.

Home page: Triller LLC
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.3 [Android]/ 4.7 [iOS] Stars

Dubsmash – Create & Watch Videos

The Dubsmash App is based on the same assumption as TikTok. It therefore includes the possibility of creating lip sync videos, songs to perform choreographies, scenes from iconic films to interpret … among many other options.

You can share on other social networks, but Dubsmash also allows you to be followed there and find users with great creativity to follow as well.

Home page: Dubsmash Inc
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.2 [Android]/ 4.7 [iOS] Stars

Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

With this video editor and creator, in addition to being able to share on any social network, you can also use it for sharing on TikTok itself. It is not a “social network” like the previous ones, but an editor. The truth is that many only use TikTok to disseminate videos on other platforms.

Fed up with TikTok?  Discover alternative apps [Android/iOS] - Funimate: Video Editor & Music Clip Star Effects

Home page: funimate
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.4 [Android]/ 4.7 [iOS] Stars


Finally the suggestion goes to Likee, a complete social network, where you can create your most creative videos in the style of TikTok.

In addition to the numerous customizations, what matters most is your creativity, so you can stand out as a trend. In addition, you can share the video on any other platform.

Fed up with TikTok?  Meet the alternative apps - likee

Home page: Likee
Price: Free
Punctuation: 4.4 [Android]/ 4.5 [iOS] Stars


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