Fireball is recorded in the midwest skies; watch

A meteor cut through the skis of Gois, Distrito Federal, So Paulo and Minas Gerais at dusk on Wednesday (22). According to Bramon, the Brazilian Meteor Monitoring Network, the phenomenon happened around 6:23 pm (Brasilia time), and was recorded in photos and video by people in the region. See below.

Bramon analyzed videos recorded in Lagoa da Prata, Goinia and Braslia and determined the preliminary trajectory of the blido, the name given to a very bright meteor. The fireball appeared in the above of the municipality of Santa Brbara de Gois and followed northwest, in the direction of the municipality of Britnia. There are still no estimates on the size of the object.

About a week ago, another blid was recorded in the northeast skies, between Carnaba, Serto de Pernambuco, and Princesa Isabel, Serto da Paraba. In April, a meteor “brighter than Vnus” exploded over the skies of So Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Blues occur “when a fragment of space rock reaches the Earth’s atmosphere at a very high speed. Due to this high speed, the atmospheric gas in front of this rock ends up heating and this heating generates the glow that we see also makes this fragment of rock ends up vaporizing “, explained Marcelo Zurita, technical director of Bramon.

Thiago Signorini, doctor of astrophysics and professor of astronomy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), explains that the phenomenon is common. “A few thousand happen [de blidos] per year, but we can’t always detect them. […] but they are relatively common things, they pose no risk. Any meteor that could present a risk, would be detected before reaching Earth “, reassured the astrophysicist.

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Source: Bramon

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