Forget the boring passport photos, these have a crazy offscreen


No matter if your body catches fire, you must first of all be serious about the passport photo.

Take off your glasses, look straight ahead, do not smile … So many instructions to make the perfect identity photo that an artist wanted to hijack. Max Siedentopf, a Namibian-German artist, imagined what could happen off-screen when taking a passport photo, and not without humor.

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The young man had already been noticed last January for having set up a sound installation repeating in a loop the song “Africa” by Toto, in the middle of the Namibian desert.

This time, the artist wanted to divert the identity photos by imagining what could be done outside the rigid frame of 45 x 35 mm. He says he had the idea when he “ tried to keep a serious face For his own passport photo. ” Sitting in front of the camera I wondered how something so boring could be hijacked and make the process of passport photography more exciting », Explains the 28-year-old artist.

We have collected the most favorite photos of the “passport photos” series for you. If you want to discover the rest of the series, you can go directly to the Max Siedentopf website, or on his account Instagram.

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