FR9 Parchs, the success in Spain due to Quarantine and de-escalation

After the quarantine we have lived through and the de-escalation with multiple restrictions that we are still experiencing, the use of online games has exploded and one of the most successful is FR9 Parchs. If you still do not know it, we will give you some details.

The success of FR9 parchs in Spain and Latam

Without a doubt, that a classic board game is the one that is sweeping these days indicates that many times the most traditional things are the most attractive for everyone; the only ones who can have the ability to appeal to younger and older, breaking down the barriers of age.

FR9 has an online version of the parchis whose traffic has exploded in recent months in an exponential way and this shows that options such as parchs are safe bets when it comes to entertaining, even in their digital version. Therefore, it is not surprising the great success it is having in Spain and Latin America; the best way to enjoy the parchs comfortably and online.

Steps to play FR9 patches

Although the truth is that the patch hardly needs an introduction for those who still do not know how to play this game in its online mode, we explain it.

It is a game that requires at least 2 players to start, and being able to play up to 4. At the beginning, you will have to roll the dice and start playing when a 5 is achieved, a procedure that will be repeated until the 4 chips are removed. every player has. Each player corresponds to a color.

The objective of the parchs is to turn the board until each tile is placed with an exact number in the square of the final route. When the player manages to put the piece in the final square, he can advance another of his pieces up to 10 squares.

As for the rolls, if a 6 is rolled, the dice roll is repeated and if the six is ​​rolled three times, the last tile that has moved will have to be removed from the board and start over. when he rolls a 5 on the dice roll.

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Another rule is that a player can eat, in a metaphorical way, a opponent’s tile if, when rolling the dice, the player decides to move a tile that falls on the same square where a tile of another color is already present (of his rival in the game). At that point the token is removed and returned to the starting square until it rolls a 5. The player who has managed to advance can move one of his tokens 20 positions.

If there are two pieces of the same color in a square, it cannot be eaten, this is called a barrier and the rivals cannot pass it, but if a 6 is rolled, they will be forced to open the barrier. As you can see, these are some simple rules that will allow you to play from home and entertain yourself for a while. One of the reasons for the success of this game is that the games have a considerable duration and thus it is possible to occupy a good time.

At the same time, it is a very dynamic game since the board is in constant motion, so it is not boring at any time but quite the opposite and forces the players to be focused on the game and think about all the options they have. with your chips to win your rivals on the board. However, it is not surprising that time passes much faster and success during these days, when the ability to do some activity was non-existent, has multiplied.

To start playing you will only have to register with an email and establish a password to enter the FR9 online platform and choose the option to play the patches. It’s that easy.

Other games to enjoy online

Also, if you have already played online patches and want to change, you can do so without leaving the FR9 gaming platform. And it is that they have various board games to enjoy from the network. Without going any further, there is FR9 Domin, another of the game that is reaping great success and FR9 Scrabble, a classic word game in which both vocabulary skills and the position of the tiles count.


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