Games that help: A playful way to concentrate

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – They look like playful works of art or glorified egg timers, but are in truth little miracle helpers for everyday life: games and apps that help at the push of a button to prevent procrastination – also known as “procrastination” – stress to reduce or to give yourself a little time to breathe deeply. Five entertaining mini-games at a glance:

Mini games for everyday life

A bird’s eye view of a cozy bedroom: This is what the main menu of the “#SelfCare” app looks like, in which mini-games are hidden behind the clickable objects. From breathing exercises to little sorting games to tracing simple geometric shapes: All these little games are there to take a deep breath and find yourself again in stressful everyday life.

The mini-game collection is accompanied by a relaxed soundtrack that blends subtly into the background, and an encouraging greeting message as soon as you start the app: “Everything will be fine” or “Even bad days will pass”. Obvious things that are all too easy to forget in bad moments.

– Worth playing because: Truluv, the team behind “#SelfCare” has been developing stress-relieving games for years and has brought together their findings in this wonderful app. The varied mini-games are suitable for almost every moment of everyday life.

Botanical concentration aid

The “Forest” app aims to turn gaps in concentration and procrastination into problems of the past and uses a simple principle for this: Whoever starts the app plants a tree and then sets a period. During this time, “Forest” must not be closed or minimized, otherwise the tree will rot. Those who dutifully leave their cell phone untouched for the given time will be rewarded with a digital offspring. “Forest” wants to prevent you from constantly using your cell phone while you should actually be working.

– Worth playing because: The idea of ​​”Forest” is simple, but good: If you leave your cell phone to rest for a long time and throw yourself into your to-dos, you will be rewarded with a pretty tree and can also read clear statistics to find out how he has often focused on “Forest” in the past few weeks.

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A cap of sleep

“Sleeptown” is not just an app that directly reduces stress or helps you cope with daily tasks. Rather, it works around the corner and gamifies sleep: Those who go to bed on time and sleep long enough will be rewarded with a digital house, very similar to “Forest”. If you repeat this often enough and maintain your sleep rhythm, you can gradually put together a pretty little, handsome city on your mobile phone.

– Worth playing because: How important good and adequate sleep is, everyone knows from their own more or less painful experience. The same goes for the developers of “Sleeptown”, who want to make bed easier with a beautifully designed app.

Individual head music

It’s not that easy to find the right background sound for your work. The “” app wants to take on this task and not only provides pre-selected instrumental music, but also composes an individual endless song on request, which should perfectly suit your own taste. The app draws on all musical genres from jazz to world music.

– Worth playing because: Hardly any other app allows as many adjustments and customization options as “”. The artificial intelligence (AI), which is responsible for the compositions, is powerful and delivers great results.

So that work pays off again

The “Habitica” app also uses gamification and aims to make the daily processing of to-do lists more motivating. If you check off your work here regularly, you advance in the level, collect experience points and can even buy a digital pet. The many upgrades and unlockable expansions should make you not leave a single task unfinished.

– Worth playing because: At first glance, “Habitica” may seem a little overwhelming, but you quickly get to grips with the world of the motivational app. Once this has been achieved, dozens of reward mechanisms are waiting to make concentration on one’s own work worthwhile in several ways.


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