Get more accurate Google Maps location with Live View

Google Maps is constantly looking for ways to improve its service. In addition to improving the interface, it also seeks to optimize the service and the different components.

That’s why there is now an important novelty that can be used on a daily basis. It wants to give users greater precision and for that it will use a recent improvement. Live View will be able to assist GPS in locating users.

Google Maps Live View position accuracy

An essential new feature of Google Maps

The greater the accuracy of users’ location, the better the use of Google Maps. This component is essential to use this map service and thus help users in their day-to-day travel.

GPS is not always able to be used correctly, especially in urban environments and with many buildings. To compensate for these failures, Google decided to use its Live Maps service and thus detect the user’s position.

Much more precise location

By clicking on your location on the map, the user now has something new. Here, the option Calibrate with Live View becomes available, which can be used to help discover the user’s location.

The camera will immediately be connected and Maps will try to find out where the user is. You will read the points and images that are around you, in order to obtain this useful information for the user. After reading these points, the map will be shown with a highly accurate position indication.

Live View is essential in this novelty

Later, and if it is not possible to find the location through Live View, Google Maps will give the user the possibility to calibrate in the traditional way. It will be necessary to do the traditional 8 with the smartphone to address this point.

This is another important addition to Google Maps and what it offers to users. It makes use of all the information that the company has collected over the years for its map service in conjunction with augmented reality.

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