Giant symbol in French intrigue plantation; check out video

After images of the symbol were posted on Facebook, the region attracted many onlookers; some say that the drawing may be a work of art made by aliens

Mystery in northern France. A gigantic geometric shaped symbol that resembles a flower with a cross in the center draws attention in the small French town of Vimy. The design, recently discovered by a local farmer, raises the most diverse hypotheses for the appearance of the 300 square meter mark in the region’s wheat fields. Some say it is an extraterrestrial work of art.

Surprised by the unusual fact and by the size of the work, the family that owned the farm quickly got a drone to take pictures of the symbol and, thus, perhaps try to understand better what the precise cut in their plantation was about. But the situation lost control after they decided to publish these images on the Facebook profile of the farm.

“We saw many people arriving in the countryside. We found out that there was a religion, beliefs around it. People are crazy. They come to pray. They come to lie in the countryside. They take over. You feel overwhelmed. Still a private property! Today we have more people in our field than in our agricultural store “, says the owner of the farm.

The images have already been removed from the social network, but the mystery continues to take onlookers to the site. “Some people tell us that the cross of the Templars, that the energy that has sprung from the earth, that our field is blessed and can cure multiple sclerosis.”

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The farmers had to call the police to control the euphoria of the visitors. According to the plantation owners, the financial loss is not very high, but the disturbance of the curious has become unbearable.

According to people who attended the site, the symbol is a cross in reference to the Knights Templar and the turbulent past of the region, which was devastated by the fighting in the First World War. Other onlookers are already convinced that the design made on the plantation is a work made by aliens.

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