Gmail suffers from spam problems. Google is already resolving the matter

Tools like Gmail have got us used to an inbox practically clean of any unwanted emails. But algorithms don’t always work the best, and mistakes do happen.

In the past few days, several users have complained that filter filters spam would not be effective on your Gmail account. This led to several complaints on social media, alerting Google to the problem.

Google confirmed that the error has been fixed

A Google spokesman clarified the situation in a statement to Android Police. According to this, the problem will be corrected. “We identified and solved the problem of a small number of promotional emails and spam be sent to the main user boxes incorrectly ”, read.

“During this time, the filters malware and spam remain fully operational. In addition, Gmail users remain protected by many features, such as email protection link and security checks at the time of download that apply to messages in the inbox ”, they clarify.

Even with these problems, Google says that user accounts will not have been compromised. “If you received a suspicious email, we encourage you to report it as spam. For more information, visit our Help Center ”, they conclude.

In my case, I didn’t notice this flow of spam to the main mailbox. If you were one of the users affected by this problem, it appears that it has been resolved, according to Google’s clarification.

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