“Godfall” offers entertaining action with great viewing value

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – Spank monsters, collect treasures and enjoy the graphics: this is how “Godfall” can be summed up. The motley action-fighting game is one of the first game blockbusters that appears next to the PC only on a new generation console, in this case the Playstation 5.

The story of the fantasy drama is quickly told – and not really important. Players slip into the role of Orin, a semi-divine warrior in shining knight armor, who is betrayed and almost killed by his power-hungry brother Macros. Now Orin seeks revenge.

Old mechanisms in a new guise

The campaign of revenge leads Orin – and with it the players – through different and often beautiful landscapes and worlds. Countless monsters, demons and machine beings lurk there who want to be beaten with swords, axes and other weapons. Defeated enemies leave behind treasures that Orin can use to build new and better equipment at his headquarters.

There are of course experience points that players can use to unlock new skills and other mechanisms known from comparable titles such as “Diablo” or “Destiny”. “Godfall” has by no means reinvented the wheel – but that doesn’t matter. Because the look and entertainment value of the action are right.

More fun as a threesome

At least on the regular level of difficulty, “Godfall” does not make any excessive demands either: If you simply throw yourself into the hordes of opponents without much thought, you will usually be successful. It’s most fun in the co-op mode, in which up to three players go hunting for monsters and treasure together.

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“Godfall” by Counterplay Games and Gearbox Software has been released for PC and Playstation 5. The game is approved for ages 16 and up and costs around 60 euros.

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