Going on vacation? Don’t forget to turn on the Gmail away message

Now that summer is here and the Portuguese are going on vacation, it’s time to stop working for a few days and rest seriously. The first months of the year were not simple and that is why it is important to disconnect completely, especially in email.

To be able to stay away from messages, it is important to activate the absence message and thus alert that you are not reading the emails. In Gmail it’s a simple process that can even be done on your smartphone, in the app dedicated to this email service.

Gmail message absence vacation email

Simple to activate the absence message

One of the last actions we take before going on vacation is to activate the absence message. It is this that will alert our contacts that we are out and that we will return later, not being able to pay the necessary attention at the moment.

Gmail, in the midst of many features and options present, also has the option of sending out messages. This can be activated directly in the web interface, but the simplest is to use the mobile app, on Android or iOS.

Can be done directly in the Gmail app

To do this operation you must open the app and then open the associated menu. Here you will find the Settings option at the end. When you open it, all Gmail accounts that have been configured on your smartphone will be displayed.

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Here you must choose the account where you want to activate the absence message or choose each one present and repeat the process. In the open area you should now go down and look for the Automatic answer option. It will be disabled and you should therefore open it.

Don’t worry about vacation email

Now you have all the options you need inside. Start by activating the automatic response and then set the start date and end date. They must also write the subject of the message and the reply that will be sent.

This is the simple process that you have to perform to activate the Gmail absence message. Repeat for each of the accounts present and don’t worry anymore. It will be disconnected on the defined date and the user does not even need to disconnect it on the return date.

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