Google accidentally reveals Android 11 release date

Much has been said about the new features of Android 11, but these come from test versions of the operating system. The final version has not yet been released, but today we find out when it will happen.

According to the latest Google video for developers, the final version of Android 11 will be released on September 8. A date similar to that chosen for the launch of Android 10.

Android 11

Speaking a bit of its smart home ecosystem, Google reveals what developers must have completed on the day of the launch of Android 11. After all, this version will be the most important ever for this kind of technologies.

What are the first smartphones to receive Android 11?

As usual, the equipment that will receive Android 11 on September 8 will be the Pixel. These are always at the forefront when it comes to updates and will be no different with the launch of Android 11.

The same update will progressively reach equipment from other brands. If you have a Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus or other device, you will always be dependent on your upgrade plans.

The main news of Android 11

The new version of Google’s operating system has a strong focus on the security of user data. In addition to modifying the rules a bit as applications can access the data of others, you can give unique permissions to each of them.

The notifications were also the subject of news, being now separated by groups. First, you’ll find notifications related to conversations. Second, you will have access to alerts and only then will you see those that are considered less important.

This version of Android also brings a new panel for recent applications, puts controls for your smart home in the device’s on / off menu or a simpler method of sharing files, similar to AirDrop.

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