Google and Chrome will help save data on an Android smartphone

Although we have been connected to Wi-Fi networks for a long time, our smartphones still consume a lot of data throughout the day. This can lead, in certain situations, to consumption being high and harming users.

Google wants to help at these times and has a new feature coming soon for Chrome Android. This will have a very simple way to save data, postponing the downloads that this browser has to do until later.

Chrome Android Google data browser

It is still just an experience that Google has in its Android browser, but it has everything to be a success. Chrome Canary is proving that this novelty could open the way for more stable versions and become a standard in the future.

Big news from Google for your browser

This browser now allows users to schedule the dowloads they have to do on their smartphones. When choosing a link for a file or image, Chrome will display a message that gives the user the ability to schedule downloads.

In addition to being made on the fly, it can also be downloaded only when connected to Wi-Fi or on a set date and time. The user only needs to define when he wants to download in Chrome and it will start as soon as the right moment arrives.

How to activate this new feature in Chrome Canary

This news is for now in the Chrome Canary of Android, but soon Google will be able to extend it to other versions. To test you only need to access the address chrome: // flags of this browser and search for download-later.

Both options found must be enabled and Chrome Canary must be restarted. After that step, whenever they click on a download link or choose to download an image, this Google browser will present a message to the user. It must decide when to download it.

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If it becomes a novelty in the day-to-day Chrome versions of Android, it will be an excellent addition to Google. It gives the user total control of their downloads in the browser and thus allows saving data completely on the smartphone.


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