Google Assistant gets perfect functionality for lazy days

If you use the Google assistant, you know that it can help increase productivity. Using voice commands, you can quickly complete tasks that save you a lot of time.

This week Google announced, in a blog post, six ways to use your voice with your virtual assistant. And one of the news promises to be very useful in those days of laziness.

Google Assistant

It will be possible to send audio messages to your contacts. Remember that, using your voice, it was already possible to send messages that were converted into writing to your contacts.

It is now possible to send audio messages to contacts via an Android smartphone with Google Assistant enabled. However, this feature is only active for those who speak English or Brazilian Portuguese.

How to enable the feature:

To activate it is quite simple. Just say “Hey Google, send an audio message” (Hey Google, send an audio message); or “Hey Google, send an audio message to Paul saying I’m on the way” (Hey Google, send an audio message to Paulo saying I’m on my way).

This is another novelty that will definitely come in handy on a day that we’re not too keen on writing, or simply at a time when we’re busy.

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