Google Assistant gives you more power to control music at home

If you have several Google Nest devices around the house, you certainly know that it is possible to have a group audio experience that is very comfortable. But Google just gave you more control if you have a Nest Hub.

These are Google’s smart screens, which are now able to better control the sound of all speakers. All you need to do is access the icon in the left corner of your Nest Hub, and start controlling.

Google Nest Hub

Through this icon, you have access to all devices that are currently playing audio. It is now possible to add or remove elements from the list, and control the audio levels individually.

Functionality is now available on Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max

Google says that the feature should be available to all users of Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max (and other screens with Google assistant) starting this Wednesday.

Google Nest Hub

In my case, the functionality is already available. It is something that you will use a lot, if you like to have your house filled with music, and you have these products in several divisions.

These same controls will arrive on the Google Home app in the fall. This will allow you to make the same customizations without having to use a Nest Hub.

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