Google: Breakdown of services costs the company millions

Users of the various Google services have complained about numerous widespread failures this week, from YouTube to Gmail, to the Android operating system itself, where it was impossible to use applications like Photos or Maps.

The break in services lasted approximately one hour, but it was enough to realize how much we depend on a single company to deal with personal and professional matters. An analysis of this incident now points to the possibility of the company having lost about $ 2.3 million dollars in that short time.

Google lost millions in the space of an hour

Google services break map
Occurrence map pointed by the DownDetector platform

The main cause of these figures is YouTube, which usually earns more than $ 15 billion a year in advertising revenue.

This means that, per day, the company receives more than 41 million dollars, which corresponds to about $ 1.73 million per hour (estimated time of failure duration).

However, a group of analysts says YouTube ad revenue is expected to grow by 30 to 40% this year. If we add to this year’s third quarter revenue report, it appears that an hour with the services below will have cost Google that $ 2.3 million figure.

Although more services have been affected, most of them are free, like Gmail, or work with a subscription or single payment model.

Actual value can be considerably higher

This calculation of loss of revenue leaves out other variables, such as the possibility of Google being subject to lawsuits by companies affected by this issue.

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Business and personal dependence on Google services is a reality, and many may also have lost money because they cannot access, even for a period of time that can be considered short, the tools they use on a daily basis.

What happened, however, raises the debate about Google’s position in the market and the consequences of a new event of this kind, but whose duration is longer in time.

If we stop to think about what our lives would be like if Google disappeared from one moment to the next, the prospect is frightening and deserves deep reflection.

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