Google brought important news to Android text selection

Google has, over the years, managed to bring small news to its services, in a simple and often discreet way. These are integrated into the many functionalities, not always directly.

One of the most recent news has come to Android and its ability to select text. It already detects units and can now be converted directly, especially without having to be copied.

Google Android text selection units

An interesting new feature on Android

It is normal for Google to integrate and unite its many services and the features it creates. These are thus available in a simpler and more direct way, being able to be channeled in a more efficient and simple way for the user.

With Android’s text selection, Google allows users to perform a set of pre-programmed tasks. These are managed by the operating system and are also adapted to what the user is doing.

Convert with text selection

The novelty is in these actions, which now have one more option. We are talking about unit conversion, which can now be done directly in this area. Android detects that they are units and offers the option to the user to have them converted.

If this is the selected option, the user is referred to Google, where the displayed value will already be that of the conversion that the search giant certainly understood to be the most correct. Of course, it can be changed by the user to the desired one.

Google handles all units

The units that this selection detects are many and varied. Google handles this process very efficiently and guarantees the user what they need. It is a useful novelty, not least because it prevents these texts from being copied and pasted in the research.

This is another option that Google brings to Android and that integrates its search. Take a useful feature and transfer it to Android, directly and very easily. Test and you will surely discover its usefulness.

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