Google Chrome for Android is getting ready to go much faster. Do you know how

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world, but not everything is an advantage in the American browser. One of the main criticisms pointed out is its excessive consumption of resources.

Thanks to a new decision made by Google, Chrome will have a performance far superior to the current one. This is because as of version 85, the Google Chrome will finally be a 64-bit application. However, this is limited to smartphones with Android 10 or higher.

Still in a beta phase, it was already possible to compare Chrome’s performance in 32-bit compared to its 64-bit version. The results show a difference of more than a thousand points between the tested versions.

32-bit version on the left and 64-bit on the right

Google begins to set an example for the future of Android apps

The first version of Android to support 64-bits was Lollipop, launched in 2014. Since then, even smartphone processors have transitioned to the new architecture, however, not all applications have kept up with developments.

This will no longer be a problem as of August 2021. About a year from now, the Play Store will no longer accept applications developed in 32-bits, so programmers have until then to make their apps compatible with 64-bits .

The stable version of Chrome 85 – the first to support 64-bit -. should be launched in August this year. Until then, anyone who wants to experience the future of Google’s browser can do so by installing its Dev version.

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What is the advantage of 64-bits?

Software with 64-bit support means that you can access more RAM to perform tasks. That is, with this architecture, it will be possible to take better advantage of the large amounts of RAM that we have started to see in today’s smartphones.

Of course, this will only have a real advantage if both the processor and the operating system also support 64-bit. That’s why Google is limiting this option to devices running Android 10 or above. In this way, the American company guarantees that Chrome will be able to take advantage of all the advantages of this new version.

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