Google continues its war against the application of AnTuTu

Relations between Google and AnTuTu face a less good phase after the application of the first has been removed from the Play Store. After this decision, the American giant takes a new measure to prevent the installation of this application on Android.

Some Google services are now discouraging installation of the AnTuTu app on Android smartphones. These messages can be seen in both Play Protect and Google Chrome.

Play Protect and Chrome are blocking the installation of the AnTuTu app

Play Protect is a tool developed by Google to prevent malware applications from being installed on your smartphone. For this, this tool analyzes all the apps you install, to see if it is safe or not.

When trying to install the AnTuTu application, a warning from that mechanism is shown alerting us to a tracking of users. A message that will surely make many think twice before installing it.

Google AnTuTu
Credits: Android Police

Those who use Google Chrome to go to the AnTuTu download page, on the other hand, receive a warning that the page in question may contain malicious applications. Even so, the browser does not shy away from replicating the message presented by Play Protect.

In both cases, this does not seem to completely prevent the application from installing, but it may be enough to demote many people. Especially those who are less comfortable with these deals.

In view of this scenario, both companies have already been contacted, but neither provided clarifications. For the time being, it remains to be seen whether these warnings are justified or whether they represent just another chapter in the “war” between the two.

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What is the reason for this “war” between Google and AnTuTu

As I mentioned, it all started when Google decided to remove the AnTuTu app from the Play Store app store. All because the American claims that the benchmark app belongs to the Cheetah Mobile group.

That was the reason for its ban because the Chinese group repeatedly violated the rules of the Google app store. After receiving a warning for the practice of launching applications with malware, spyware and others, the company continued to do so.

That said, AnTuTu has already clarified that the Cheetah Mobile group really has a stake in the company, but has never been involved in the development of the application. However, that was not enough to demote Google.

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