Google Files loses a new security measure before it is released

A few weeks ago we announced that Google was going to add a secure folder to its Files explorer. As the name suggests, this would be a private folder that could only be accessed using a PIN.

Even before making this option available to users, Google made the decision to discontinue this secure folder. Discontinuing may not be the most correct word, since the functionality was never official, but it is the best way I have to describe what happened.

Safe folder in Google Files has already been canceled

The novelty is being shared by one of the editors of the XDA Developers forum, the same ones who discovered its existence. When they try to access that folder, they are faced with a warning to realize that what they want to access is no longer available.

It is stressed that it is no longer possible to move more files to that safe folder. Those who were already there will eventually be moved to another location or deleted shortly.

It is curious to note that Google took the trouble to put a warning on the disappearance of something that was never official. This may be due to the internal tests that were being carried out and so that your employees do not lose the files they had kept there.

What motivated Google to give up on this idea?

We may never know why Google’s decision. Since the functionality was never released to the public, the company will not feel compelled to justify this position.

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Probably, after all the internal tests carried out, it was concluded that this paste would not fully serve its purpose. Or the desired level of security has not been reached.

The truth is that we can only speculate on the reasons for this decision. In any case, you will still have to use an application external to Files in order to keep sensitive files inaccessible.

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