Google imposes itself to make incoming smartphones more desirable. You see

The Android smartphone market is vast, but that doesn’t mean that everyone offers the same experience. Cheaper models, which usually arrive with lower specifications, can provide a painful experience for some users.

Aware of this problem, behold, Google takes a position to change this paradigm. All new smartphones with less than 2GB of RAM are required to use Android Go.

Android Go

Android Go will become mandatory for smartphones with lower specifications

Google launched the Android Go project a few years ago in order to offer a lighter version of its operating system for cheaper smartphones. Models with only 512MB of RAM can take advantage of this version, but nothing stopped manufacturers from launching this equipment with the normal version of Android.

Well, if what is being advanced by XDA Developres is confirmed, that freedom will cease to exist. Any smartphone with less than 2GB of RAM must use Android Go as the operating system.

Regardless of the reasons why Google took this step, we couldn’t be more satisfied with it. This means that equipment in this range does not have to mean a painful experience.

What are the advantages of Android Go

This version of the Google operating system consists of an operating system optimized for devices with fewer resources. Additionally, it has applications designed exclusively for Android Go that have also been changed to run as best as possible, requiring the least amount of hardware.

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It is for these reasons that Android Go is so important for entry-level smartphones. Even with limited hardware, your software is specially designed to work with fewer resources, cutting out unnecessary functionality.

Other advantages have to do with system updates. Ironic as it may seem, smartphones with Android Go may be updated for longer than some tops. A good example of this is the Nokia 1 which, although launched in 2018, was recently upgraded to Android 10 Go Edition.

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