Google Lens: new update brings design change and new functionality that you will love

The Google Lens app will look even better. With the new update, which will soon reach all users, the application will feature a new design, offline translation and a new “homework” mode.

The application is one of the most capable for smartphones. When you point the camera at an object you will have a description of what it is or a Google search for identical objects.

Newly designed Google Lens

Google Lens

In the next update, Google Lens will offer a design identical to a camera. That is, when you open the application you won’t even notice that you are inside Google Lens by the changes.

We have a new design that is very similar to the “Google Camera” application and thankfully it is. Incidentally, one of my wishes is to see a full integration of Google Lens in all cameras for smartphones.

Offline translation is an asset to consider

Google Lens

The new update also features offline translation. To do this, you only need to download the languages ​​you use most and you can point the camera at certain words in another language and translate to the one you most want.

This is one of the best features of Google Lens and it’s good to know that you no longer need the internet for the feature to work perfectly.

“Homework” mode added to Google Lens

Finally, the update will bring the new “homework” mode. By pointing, for example, to a mathematical problem, Google Lens will be able to solve the problem and present the answer. Unfortunately you will not have all the steps on how the equation was made.

When will the new update arrive

Google Lens

We still don’t know when these news will officially hit the application. For now, we have the information that everything is being prepared for the new update to arrive with these news. Usually, after these discoveries, it is a matter of weeks before it rains on all smartphones.

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