Google Maps has news for Android Auto on smartphone

Android Auto is Google’s solution for the connection between the smartphone and the car. This goes further than a simple screen mirror, having its own apps dedicated to this interface, helping drivers in many moments.

As not all cars already have this capability available, Google decided to make this app usable in other situations, and independently. It is precisely for these users that a new feature has now emerged from Google Maps.

Google Maps Android Auto smartphone

Android Auto has news for users

Even though it is not available in Portugal, Android Auto is already a choice drivers to help them with traffic and travel. This integration with cars makes it an essential tool today.

Google has sought to bring improvements to this offer, despite the many problems that have arisen. Being your proposal, it becomes easier to integrate it with your services and your proposals. Of course it can be used in an isolated and direct way on the smartphone, dispensing with the car.

Google Maps interface is different and more useful

It is precisely for this interface that there is now news. These are visible on Google Maps, where there have been major changes, to make it easier to use. The idea is also to increase the visible area of ​​the map and thus be more useful.

Notifications on this Android Auto component are now smaller and almost fluctuating. They take up less space and facilitate use, so they are more useful for the user. They don’t lose their image, but they manage to be better dressed.

Improvements for those using it on the smartphone

Another novelty is in the elements that contain more information. These are hidden in it, but again they have been arranged to take up less area on the screen. Particularly in this element is visible the gain that the user has and in what happens to see more of the map.

After being taken for granted that it would disappear from Android, this solution has returned and is very active. It is undoubtedly one of the assets of Android and an aid to transfer Google Maps to the console of a car and thus give access to the help it gives the driver.


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