Google messaging starts to follow in the footsteps of Facebook Messenger. See the result

It was advanced in June that the Google Messaging application would have a feature that we know very well about Facebook Messenger. Floating messages in the form of a “bubble”.

This is an exclusive feature of Android 11, and users who are already using the test version of the operating system have started receiving the novelty in beta format.

As you can see from the images, bubbles appear by default in the upper left corner of the screen. And just like in Messenger, you will be able to see your contact’s avatar accompanied by the icon of the app itself.

Bubbles in the Google Messaging app in the Android 11 Beta
Bubbles in the Google Messages app in the Android 11 Beta. Credit: 9to5Google

As soon as you receive the message, you will see the contact’s name and the beginning of the message in a small balloon next to it. It will disappear after a few seconds, and it will be white or black depending on the theme you are currently using.

As soon as you open the bubble, the notification immediately disappears from the status bar. The functionality arrives from version 6.3 of Google Messages, but, as I mentioned, only on Android 11.

This is a feature dependent on the new Google API, and if you have Android 11 on your device you will have access to this. There is no prediction that it will be released for previous Android versions.

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