Google Photos undergoes design change that you will love (APK download)

Google today announced a major change in the design of its increasingly popular Google Photos service. With the changes announced today, the application will become simpler and it will be much easier to find the photos or videos you are looking for.

Your photos and videos now receive the prominence they deserve, when presented on larger cards. This not only gives them that prominence, it will also eliminate the empty space.

Three tabs will simplify the search for photos and videos

There will now be three tabs that you will find at the bottom of the screen. First of all, you will have the Photos tab, which, as the name implies, is the one where you will find all your photos and videos.

This tab also brings a new feature called Memories and will be right at the top. This category is designed to present you with older photos and videos that will certainly trigger several moments of nostalgia.

Second, we have the Search tab that will help you find what you are looking for more easily. This feature is now easier to access and will be essential as your library grows.

Finally, we have the Library tab, the place where all your files uploaded to Google Photos will be. Here you will find not only all your albums, photos and videos, but also those you have already sent to the Trash.

Google Photos adds a map to its interface

This is one of the most important additions with the update that Google launched for Photos. The map can be found in the Search tab and it will make searching for a photo or video by location a lot easier.

As you browse the map, a preview of the photos you took there will appear. This will allow you to find the photos you took on a particular trip, even if you no longer remember when it happened.

Another novelty introduced with this update is the application logo. This was the victim of a slight modification, since it is now with more rounded edges.

Google Photos logo

Installing the new version of Google Photos

The news reported above will be made available with the release of version of the application. If you don’t have an update for Google Photos available on the Play Store, you can always download the corresponding APK here.

Once the download is complete, you only have to open the file and wait for its installation to complete. It is still important to note that, at least in this case, the installation of this version did not activate all the news. This means that it will be an update also dependent on the server, but it will be a matter of time before it is activated.

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