Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone has a serious battery problem

Google’s Pixel 4 XL was released relatively recently and it looked like it would be a success for the California company. However, there are already some complaints from users.

According to the complaints, smartphones have a serious battery problem that, in turn, has an impact on the rear of the equipment, damaging it.

Google Pixel 4 XL presents a serious battery problem

The Pixel 4 range was launched to the public in October last year, and expectations were good about Google’s new equipment.

However, several users of Google Pixel 4 XL smartphones have been noticing a problem with the battery of this model. According to complaints from the owners of the equipment, the back of the phone is loosening and the cause is a swollen battery.

In one of the complaints, the following can be read:

I have had my 4XL since it was launched and only now do I realize that the rear panel is coming out slowly. It is as if the glue is weakening and the parts are slowly separating. Starting at the top right

According to a post previously left on the Reddit platform by the manager of uBreakiFix, a repair partner authorized by Google, this lifting of the rear part is due exactly to battery problems that are caused by “low quality connectors“. In his opinion, these battery connectors present in many Pixel 4 XL smartphones are fragile and are damaged even during normal use.

In addition, the manager adds that this is a serious problem in the Pixel 4 XL and cannot understand why Google does not correct it properly.

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Of all the complaining users, not all were able to replace the components, even though the equipment was under warranty.

Problems related to the equipment’s battery can lead to more serious consequences, such as a fire. However, to date, Google has not yet officially recognized the problem.

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