Google Pixel 4a: a fantastic smartphone that you won’t see in stores in Portugal! Here’s the solution

Google is preparing a new smartphone that, once again, will make a statement. However, this new equipment has good reasons to attract attention.

This is because the Google “A” range is intended for intermediate smartphones. That is, this will be a device that will arrive with pure Android, quality specifications, a camera that can be compared to a top of the range and at a simply impeccable price.

Google Pixel 4a could reach less than 400 €

After Huawei is unable to implement Google services on its equipment, we no longer have a good option for mid-range terminals. We have Samsung’s “A” and Xiaomi’s smartphones. OPPO is entering Portugal, however, as always, everything takes time.

This Google Pixel 4a would be the terminal to consider if it was sold in Portugal for the reasons I gave above. We have a terminal with acceptable build quality and a camera that only Google can do.

What will be the solution to buy Google Pixel 4a

In Portugal we should only have one solution to buy the new Google Pixel 4a. Import from Spain. Amazon Spain normally sells these smartphones and delivery is fast and without headaches.

However, technology companies are still expected to sell this smartphone. However, once again, what they will do is import the terminal from Spain. That is, it will certainly be simpler if you buy it.

The Google Pixel 4a promises to be the real “Nexus” that a few years ago won over users from all over the world. Although it will not be a top of the range, its price should be more than an incentive to buy it.

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