Google Revealed It: The 10 Things People Search The Most

The most popular search engine in the world revealed in order, which are the most searched topics by Internet users.

  1. First: how to tie a tie.
  2. Then how to kiss.
  3. How to get pregnant.
  4. How to lose weight.
  5. Also, how to draw.
  6. How to make money.
  7. How to make pancakes.
  8. How to write a cover letter.
  9. How to make French toast.
  10. How to lose belly fat.
  11. Among other…

On the other hand, browsers wonder how to fix a broken door, window or toilet, even how to play poker, how to make a paper airplane or the following is amazing how to make people smile.

At the same time, questions related to health were also very frequent, with searches such as how to fall asleep faster, how to get six pack abs, how to meditate, how to quit smoking or how to get rid of acne.

What do you ask Google every day?


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