Google search: new thing you’ll love when you need to talk to a company!

Google Search is one of the most important tools today. Especially if you are looking for a business (or have a business) and want to know your contact details.

Well, the latest news will give even more possibilities to users and business owners. It’s good to see Google improve the way they communicate. It is no longer enough to have the email, phone, website and address, now you will have the possibility to speak to a company by messages.

Now you can exchange messages with companies

Google business messages Google search

For this, the company only needs to activate the functionality on its “Google Business” page. By giving permissions and authorizations to exchange messages, your customers (or promising customers) can easily send you a message.

Google search messages

From the user’s point of view, this possibility is even more advantageous. There are many times that we do not have the patience or availability to call the business. And, as we all know, interaction by email always takes a little longer than by SMS.

It will be an adoption that will take your time

Still, we must realize that this will not be an easy adoption. Especially in Portugal where Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are the most used features to contact a company.

Still, it is an important step in order to improve communication between client / company. Something that starts to be essential in business.

If in the past a physical store arrived to succeed, nowadays things are not quite like that. An online presence is essential and Google is creating platforms that are connecting the world.

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