Google wants to end unwanted calls on your Android. Do you know how

One of the great battles of the Google Phone application has been against unwanted calls that users receive. The so-called ‘spam’ is a concern, and a new measure aims to end this problem.

Google is preparing to add what it calls ‘verified calls’ to its app. This means that users could know the reason for calling a particular business, before they have to answer.

On its support page, Google says that verified calls are intended to help consumers learn more about these before they have to answer. But the initiative will have to start on the business side.

User will see the name and logo of the business, and the reason for the call

This type of verified calls will only arrive from businesses that have gone through Google’s verification process. So the user will see the name and logo of the business, as well as the reason why he is being contacted.

For this to happen, the businesses in question will have to send their call information to a “secure Google server”. That same information will be deleted minutes after the call has been made.

This is a feature that should become standard in the future. How many times have we received calls from anonymous / unknown numbers, and we don’t know why. With proper verification by Google, we will have all ownership to approve or reject the call.

Google announcement about verified calls

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