Google wants to reduce Chrome’s battery consumption and knows how to do it

One of the biggest complaints that Chrome users have on Windows 10 is associated with resource consumption. These end up having a big impact and decrease the equipment’s life and battery life.

This is not a new situation and Google has long wanted to resolve it. Now, and with a novelty, the research giant may have found a way to reduce battery consumption in Chrome. It is a simple process that will have little impact on users, with big gains.

Chrome battery Google savings consumption

Google wants battery savings on computers

Despite all the information and teasing that has been happening about Chrome’s energy consumption, Google doesn’t seem to be able to get around this problem. Edge performs much better in this area and this is a handicap compared to what Google offers in your browser.

A novelty may arrive soon and that will possibly change this scenario. The latest test version of Chrome brings a novelty that could allow this browser to save up to 28% of the battery in normal use.

Chrome will stop the javascript processes

The applied concept is to disable the javascript processes to prevent the use of resources. From what is revealed, this change is able to guarantee a saving of about 2 hours of battery and thus make Chrome more restrained.

Chrome battery Google savings consumption

Of course, this measure will not be applied randomly on tabs that are running in the background. Thus, it will take effect only after 5 minutes, thus entering a state of savings for that separator.

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Consumption will drop dramatically

Still, and because there are situations in which the javascript needs to be running, it will be possible to turn off this new feature. Machine park administrators and more experienced users will be able to control this capability.

This novelty is already being tested on Chrome 86 and will soon be transposed to production versions. There is still a long way to go before everyone has access to this improvement, but the path and plans are outlined to make battery saving a reality.

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