Harmony OS arrives on the Huawei Mate 40 next week

The difficulty that Huawei has faced in recent months in accessing Android and Google services has led to an acceleration of the development of its operating system. As a consequence, Harmony OS is very close to reaching users.

Apparently, the first smartphone to be able to use this operating system will be the Huawei Mate 40. The first public test version of Harmony OS will reach this top of the range already on the day December 16.


Huawei marks event for Harmony OS launch

Next Wednesday there will be an event, organized by Huawei, with the purpose of launching the first beta version of Harmony OS. The first ones with the possibility to take advantage of the new operating system will be able to do so if they have a Huawei Mate 40 in their possession.

It is not yet certain whether this public trial version will be made available globally or only in China. This is one of the details that is expected to be revealed at the upcoming event organized by Huawei.

The Harmony OS launch event will also have a technical component for developers. They will be able to learn more about the app development process for this platform and will also have the possibility to speak directly with the team that developed the Harmony OS.

Until when will Huawei continue to bet on Android?

Several times the top officials for Huawei said that their Harmony OS could replace Android on their smartphones. Therefore, with the arrival of the first test version of the operating system, it remains to be seen how much longer the Chinese will bet on Google software.

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Huawei has maintained a firm stance in saying that Android remains its favorite choice. However, the difficulties to thrive in the market are increasing and this could lead to a drastic change in strategy.

Recently, a Chinese company executive said in an interview that the updated models for EMUI 11 would receive the Harmony OS. That said, the reign of Android on Huawei smartphones may be about to end.

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