He hacked Donald Trump’s Twitter password but will not face a legal case

The Dutch prosecutor’s office reported this Wednesday that a man would have deciphered the accesses to the Twitter account of the US president Donald trump in October, but that the hacker you will not face criminal charges.

“It is the conclusion of the Public Ministry after an investigation by the high-tech crime team of the national police,” he said in a statement.

Victor gevers, whose name was revealed by the Dutch media, would have managed to discover the president’s password, says the Public Ministry that presents him as an “ethical pirate”.

This security researcher had access to the president’s personal messages and could change his profile and send tweets on behalf of @realDonaldTrump, an active user with 87.3 million followers on this social network, but he only took screenshots, without prying. , he said, confidential files of the Republican candidate.

“My first thought when I logged in was, ‘OMG!’ It was like I did not want to have been able to access, especially not such an important account, “he explained to the Dutch platform NV, which published the screenshots made by Gevers, although not in their entirety because they contain private correspondence from the president.

“After having managed to connect, the Dutchman tried to contact the US authorities to point out the vulnerability” of access to Trump’s account, he identified himself and gave them security advice, according to the Public Ministry.

The 44-year-old revealed the hack immediately, saying that the password you guessed was “maga2020!”, referring to the first letters of the slogan “Make America Great Again” (“Make America Great Again”).

In his defense, Gevers later argued to the Dutch police that wanted to prevent a hacking of Trump’s account just before the elections, due to “important issues”, according to the public prosecutor.

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“In the Netherlands, piracy is subject to criminal prosecution,” recalled the Public Ministry. But he noted that in “special circumstances” no criminal procedure is applied.

Gevers also reportedly accessed Donald Trump's Twitter account in 2016. (Photo: AFP)

Gevers also reportedly accessed Donald Trump’s Twitter account in 2016. (Photo: AFP)

According to the Dutch authorities, the pirate respected “the criteria developed by jurisprudence” that make him “an ethical pirate”. Precisely, this condition earned him wide recognition in the world of hackers.

The Public Ministry indicated that the US authorities were informed of the results of the investigation.

To all this, the White House and Twitter denied the reports that indicated that the account of the US president was indeed compromised.

In this regard, the White House deputy press secretary, Judd Deere, said: “This is absolutely not truebut we do not comment on the security procedures on the president’s social media accounts. ”

Twitter, in fact, could not confirm either: “We have not seen evidence to corroborate this claim, including the article published today in the Netherlands,” said a spokesman to the media specialized in technology.

It is not the first time that Gevers has managed to access the account of the American president. As early as October 2016, he and several friends found Trump’s password in a database leaked by hackers. So, Trump had “youarefired” (you are fired, in English) as a password.

Among other discoveries, he found a Chinese database with personal information (telephone, dates of birth, photos, employer, identity number or nationality) and locations (with GPS coordinates of all places visited) of 2.7 million inhabitants of Xinjang , the largest province in China and home to Uyghurs, showing that the Chinese government is monitoring this ethnic minority in the country.

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