his three robots dance to the rhythm of “Do You Love Me?” and they do it quite well

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas and Spot robots have many skills and have been demonstrating them for a long time: sprinting, gymnastics, gymnasts jumping, washing dishes and even … Parkour! Now, in addition, they added a skill that more than one can come to envy: they dance. And pretty good.

In a new video, the company shows the full line of Boston Dynamics robots: the Humanoid-shaped Atlas, the Dog-shaped Spot, and the Handle, which is perhaps the strangest juggler, all together on a track. dance to the rhythm of Do you love me of The Contours, the soul band of the 60s.

Strictly speaking, it’s not the first time that Boston Dynamics has showcased its robots’ dance skills: The company showed a video of its Spot robot doing the Running Man for “Uptown Funk” in 2018. But the new video raises the bar to a higher level. never seen before: run, jump, drag your feet and It spins smoothly when the song demands it.

As if that weren’t enough, then more robots come out jumping and dancing. Compared to the jerky movements of the 2016 iteration of Atlas, the new model is truly impressive. So much so that, for example, Elon Musk came out to clarify that it is not CGI (computer generated image):

Buying Hyundai

Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics.  Photo Bloomberg

Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics. Photo Bloomberg

The South Korean car company Hyundai acquired the US company on the 11th of this month, which it acquired for the astronomical figure of 1.1 billion dollars.

With the operation, Hyundai will control 80 percent of the shares of Boston Dynamics, while its previous owner, Softbank, will maintain a 20 percent stake in the company.

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The South Korean manufacturer signaled the purchase as a “strategic transformation” step aimed at becoming a provider of smart mobility solutions.

They also assured that their objective with this acquisition is “the transformation of human life by combining leading robotic technologies with their experience in mobility.”

A robot in Tokyo.  Reuters photo

A robot in Tokyo. Reuters photo

The robotics company Boston Dynamics emerged in the 1990s as a result of a spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and in 2013 it was bought by Google and later sold in 2017 to SoftBank, which opted for the sale of its devices.

Boston Dynamics specializes in autonomous robots capable of carrying out complex tasks normally reserved for humans and has recently released its quadruped robot Spot, which can climb stairs and adapt to any type of terrain, for $ 74,500.

Although as initially reported by Bloomberg the value of the purchase would be 1,000 million dollars, finally the multimillion dollar figure climbed to 1.1 billion dollars.

“This transaction will unite the capabilities of Hyundai Motor Group and Boston Dynamics to spearhead innovation in future mobility,” as Euisun Chung, director of Hyundai Motor Group, said.

“Boston Dynamics’ commercial business grew rapidly as we brought to market the first robot that can automate repetitive and hazardous tasks in workplaces designed for human-level mobility,” said Robert Playter, CEO of Boston Dynamics.

Ford also uses Boston Dynamics robot dogs.  Photo DPA

Ford also uses Boston Dynamics robot dogs. Photo DPA

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